Most Popular UK Bingo Games – TV Specials, Card Based Games, or Something Else?

Aug 19, 2020

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We know that bingo is extremely popular in the United Kingdom, but which games top the list? Our team visited five best operators, including Coral, Tombola, Mecca, Gala, and Buzz Bingo. Here is what we discovered about the games they offer!

Classic Bingo Games

These games are classics because they are favourites of thousands of players. You should find them on virtually any bingo site in the UK.

Fluffy Favourites Bingo

Slot fans might be familiar with Fluffy Favourites since this is one of the most popular machines in the United Kingdom. Today, websites like Gala and Buzz Bingo offer the bingo variation of this game.

Fluffy Favourites Bingo game

You will start by playing the standard 90 ball game with the standard reward levels – a single line, two lines, and coverall. If you match all numbers to the ones drawn and win the grand prize, you will activate the slots.

The reels will determine which of the three available mini-games you will play. These could be the following:

Floating Fluffy– you use a magnet to pull a toy from water for a prize of up to £500. Coin pusher - lion, elephant, and hippo, which appear in the Fluffy Favourites slots, appear in this bonus round. You can win up to £100. Toy grabber – the classic claw from the arcades will help you to catch a toy with a reward of up to £60.

The cost of playing Fluffy Favourites Bingo is low. The ticket prices start at only 2p. Depending on the website, the sessions should be available most of the day. The usual opening hours of this room are from 12 PM to 12 AM.

Deal or No Deal Bingo 90

Have you ever watched the Deal or No Deal TV show? It is popular in the UK, but also throughout the world. The rules are simple – you have 22 closed boxes in front of you. Each of them contains a specific amount of cash that can vary from £1 to £250K. You get rid of the boxes gradually until one is remaining, and that is your prize.

Deal or No Deal Bingo 90 game

The mysterious banker puts a twist to this game. He will be contacted by the host to send you an offer several times during the game. If you accept what is offered, you go home immediately with that sum.

As for the Deal or No Deal Bingo 90, you can find it in Mecca, Buzz, and Gala Bingo sites. Once you purchase the ticket and the session starts, you will realize there is a twist.

You will notice that 21 balls will show on the special boxes resembling those from the TV show. The only remaining box is intended for the users.

It is required to win the coverall on your ticket to talk to the banker. If you match all numbers on the card, the banker gives you an offer. You can choose whether to accept it or see what’s in the box. Other users in the room can vote to suggest what you should do, but the decision is only yours.

Deal or No Deal comes with progressive jackpot schemes. The requirement in this variation is to win the main prize within 42 calls.

Deal Or No Deal Bingo 75

Deal Or No Deal Bingo 75 has exactly the same rules as the previously mentioned version. The only difference is that it utilizes the 75 ball variation of the bingo game, but you can also find it at Buzz, Gala, and Mecca bingo platforms.

You start by matching numbers with the ones drawn. After getting the full house prize, you get an offer from the banker. It is your choice whether to stick with the box you have or accept the banker’s proposal.

If you are aiming for the progressive jackpot, you will need to win the coverall in 31 calls or less. Since the jackpot has a slim chance of being drawn, the developers from Virtue Fusion might increase the number of calls required to win the reward.

Different Bingo Games

You can call these different and unique, but the point is they have something distinctive about every bingo game you’ll read about below. They might not be as popular as the classics, but they have a dedicated circle of fans!

Flash Bingo

You might have played the 90 ball bingo game for a while, and it seems like you are ready to take things to the next level. That is what the Flash room on the Buzz Bingo platform secures.

Flash Bingo game

The only difference that the creators made is to accelerate the rate of drawing the numbers. That means the caller will reveal balls quicker than usual.

Flash Bingo is perfect for those who don’t have plenty of time on their hands. It is also great if you like fast-paced action rather than fun and casual drawing. The sessions occur regularly throughout the day, so make sure to give it a shot.

Bingo Millions

Bingo Millions is a collection room on the Buzz Bingo site.

Bingo Millions game

Here are the variations that you can try here:

  • 75 Ball – only two draws per week scheduled on Tuesday and Friday at 10 PM.
  • 75 Ball Instant – a single card costs 20p, and you can win £1 million. The draws are held every five minutes.
  • 80 Ball – Thursday and Sunday at 10 PM are times of the draw for this game.
  • 80 Ball Instant – for 25p, you can participate in draws with a potential £1 million reward every five minutes.
  • 90 Ball – the ticket price is 50p, and the draws are on Wednesday and Saturday at 10 PM.
  • 90 Ball Instant – a variation that offers draws every five minutes and a £1 million grand prize.
  • Turbo 90 Ball – the turbo variation with a £1 million jackpot for matching all numbers within 30 calls.

5 Line Room

The 75 ball bingo variation is the one that offers the most freedom in setting different winning patterns. You can see them in the 5 Line Room at the Buzz platform.

Instead of the classic approach, this room offers five different chances to win throughout the five lines. That means you will enjoy multiple opportunities to win tempting rewards. The approach also makes every session exciting. Instead of looking forward to one of two, there are five anticipated prizes, which will keep everything interesting until the very session ends. You can pick between multiple games in the room, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find a favourite.

Rainbow Riches Bingo

Rainbow Riches features the famous Irish themes with leprechauns and the idea that the treasure awaits at the end of the rainbow. The basic variation features eight numbers with cards that are placed as four-leaf lucky clovers. Depending on the version you pick, the prize might require you to get a full house, or a single clover might be sufficient.

Rainbow Riches Bingo game

You also have twists that come in the form of the Wishing Well bonus, as well as extra balls in the form of rainbow clovers. Finally, the leprechaun will move based on the number drawn, which could secure a progressive jackpot. It sounds complicated, but it is incredibly fun once you try it!

Interstate 75

Gala Bingo offers fantastic and unique games, and Interstate 75 is only one of them. The creators describe this game as an open road (interstate) with various winning patterns and rules. The only thing that stays consistent is that there are 75 balls in the drum.

The main advantage of Interstate 75 is the room’s versatility. That is a guarantee you will never be bored here. You should be ready for the drive of your life, as long as you enjoy this variation and the 5x5 grid cards. The room is open throughout the day, and you are welcome to join.

Card Based Game

You will find this card based game at the Gala website under the name Housey Bingo. Forget about drawing balls in this room because this variation focuses on cards.

Players will receive a starting hand of five cards. That “hand” is actually a ticket, but it is named like that to ensure you feel like you are playing a card game. While the draw lasts, you will need to match both the numbers and the icon to the ones pulled out from the drum. That puts an extra twist on the drawings and keeps things interesting.


What is the great thing about Metropolis? It is certain that you can be part of the action at any time of day and night. Gala Bingo takes the same approach for this room – it is open 24/7. Even if the other rooms are closed, you will always find a game to play here.

The room uses the classic 90 ball variation, but the prizes can be tempting. The rewards might depend on the time of day, though. You can’t expect the number of players to be the same in the middle of the night and in the afternoon.

Bingo Beats

As an exclusive game found at the Gala site, Bingo Beats is both exciting and unique. The trick is in applying a simple recipe – securing all players an identical chance to win.

Bingo Beats game

The room is interactive and features attractive and high-quality graphics. Everything works smoothly, and once you enter this section, you can access four different rooms. The creators did that to secure that each player type will find a session that suits their preference. The only remaining thing to do is to find a room that meets your expectation and start playing.

Castle Penny Bingo

Are you a fan of history or beautiful castles? Either way, you will enjoy the Gala’s Castle Penny Bingo. If you are a casual player, the fact that tickets cost as little as 1p will be appreciated.

The graphics are vivid and cartoonish, and the games are exciting. Many players love the idea of playing in a castle, which is why you might find the competition is tough here. That takes the excitement to the next level but also increases the potential prizes. That is why you should enter the castle and get ready for royal fun and majestic rewards.

Coconut Island 50 Ball

While the classic bingo variations are attractive, Coconut Island 50 Ball uses fewer numbers, which increases the excitement. Thanks to the limited number of balls, the draws are faster to boost the players’ adrenaline.

Coconut Island 50 Ball game

The graphics are beautiful since they are holiday-themed. The palm tree will make you feel like you are on a beach. During the drawing, coconuts will fall to reveal the numbers drawn. It is a unique twist, and these inviting graphics will make your stay at the Coconut Island memorable. And if you win any prize, it will be a true paradise!

Supersonic Bingo

Supersonic Bingo is extremely fast, which you can assume from the name. The higher pace of the draw is what will attract players looking for this type of action. If that is your cup of tea, you will appreciate that the Mecca platform didn’t change the basic rules of the 90 ball game.

The ticket prices are anywhere from 1p to 25p. The winning patterns are full house for the main prize, as well as a single and two lines. The room opens at 9 AM and closes at 2 AM, and you can access this room every day of the week.

Burst Bingo

Here is another exclusive room for the Mecca website. The Burst Bingo is fast itself, but it also features the high-speed 50 ball variant.

The beauty of this room lies in the ticket design. Your card will consist of animals that will be holding a number each. The ticket has ten numbers, and the only prize available is matching all of them with the ones drawn. Once you have a matching number, you can burst a balloon yourself to mark it. The minimum ticket price is 0.25p, and the maximum is set at £3.

Cashline Bingo

Cashline Bingo is an exclusive game found at the Mecca Bingo site. The creators decided to go with the 80 ball variation of the game. The room is open from 9 AM to midnight.

Cashline Bingo game

The winning patterns might go from the classic coverall to bottomless and topless (one of the lines automatically covered), etc. These should be enough to keep you occupied for as long as you want to play.

It is worth noting that Cashline might be a mini-game that is a part of another session. If you find a chance to play a mini-game while participating in a different session, the odds are you will be playing Cashline.

Gold Rush

It sounds nice when you hear the prizes given in a single room are over £50K per day. Gold Rush at the Mecca Bingo is an exclusive room open around the clock. Depending on the time when you enter, the ticket price might vary.

Gold Rush game

The great thing about the Gold Rush is that each session comes with a guaranteed jackpot sum. The room utilizes the 90 ball approach with three different winning requirements – one line, two lines, and a full house. The graphics offer a wild-west theme with suitcases full of money, cactuses, and beautiful backgrounds.

Housey Bingo

Mecca is inspired by poker, which is why all card game fans will love it. A card is actually your hand for the round. Five cards make a single hand, and you need to match both the suit and the number on each card to win the main prize. A single deck only participates in the draw, which means you need to match five cards out of 52.

Housey Bingo has tickets that cost from 5p to 40p. You can also win the jackpot if you win the main prize within the specified number of calls. That number might decrease on Friday during the Escalator promotion, so make sure to be around then.

Lucky 7 Bingo

Lucky 7 Bingo is open around the clock, and you can win various prize sums throughout the day. The great thing about the Lucky 7 room is that there are games where the tickets are free. If your timing is right, you can win prizes without investing a single penny. Apart from the main coverall prize, this 75 ball variation offers a single-line to four-line rewards.

Lucky 7 Bingo game

The variety of games is impressive, as well as the bonuses offered there. It is that variety that will attract players to try Lucky 7. The jackpots are also available, and the usual requirement is winning the grand prize within the given number of calls.

Lucky for Some Bingo

Are you a newbie that is only entering the online gaming world? Do you like to keep things casual and your investments minimum? If you are looking for rooms with a low stake, Lucky for Some is the right place for you.

Lucky for Some Bingo game

There are no mysteries around this room. It utilizes the classic 90 ball variation, which means you have three different ways to win. The grand prize involves matching all 15 numbers with the ones pulled out from the drum. Matching a single or two lines will also yield rewards. The room is open from 9 AM to 10 PM every day.

The Age of Gods Bingo

This is another game available on the websites run by Virtue Fusion software, and that includes the Mecca platform. You are probably familiar with the Age of the Gods slot machine.

The Age of Gods Bingo game

As for The Age of Gods Bingo, it is a classic 90 ball game variation with a unique twist. The twist lies in the bonus feature round. If you win the main prize by getting the coverall (matching all numbers on the ticket to the ones drawn), you get to play this additional game.

You will receive nine coins hiding god symbols. You reveal the symbols to discover the prize – that could be an extra reward for the winners, a community jackpot, or a split in different ratios.

Turbo Gold Bingo

If you access the Turbo Gold Bingo room, you will realize that everything is happening at lighting speed. You will play the 90 ball variation with the tickets costing from 0.01p to 0.25p. The room is open 24 hours, and the sessions with high stakes are held every 30 minutes.

Turbo Gold Bingo game

The prize rules remain the same – winning combinations are the coverall, two, and single-line rewards. You have 15 numbers to match for the full house prize, and the jackpot fund is guaranteed for each session.

Free Bingo Bonanza

The Free Bingo Bonanza is a room available on Coral Bingo. It is unique because it welcomes all those who don’t want to invest a single penny when playing these games.

The number of sessions in this room is a bit limited, but the plus is that all sessions are free. The prize funds are not generous, but they are an excellent way to earn some funds to play real money sessions.

The room uses the version with 90 balls and the classic winning patterns for the prizes. That should keep things simple and not too demanding, which makes the room suitable for beginners.

Some Exclusive Bingo Games

The reason why these names are exclusives is that they are available at only one or two websites. Here are the exclusives we liked the most!

Voice Bingo

The Voice Bingo uses the name of the famous TV show popular in the United Kingdom. Unlike the show where the competitors sing, players mark numbers on their tickets in this room. The game is exclusive to the Buzz site, and you can find it only there.

Voice Bingo game

The biggest prize you can win requires getting a full house, which means matching all numbers to the ones drawn from the drum. Calling one of the Lucky Chairs will help you to earn a bonus prize or the share of a jackpot. It is an intriguing concept with an unusual twist on the existing variation.

Roll on Bingo

Do you like rooms with generous prizes? If you are a type of player that doesn’t appreciate the rooms offering only one coverall reward, make sure to try Roll On Bingo.

The Buzz website presents this exclusive room for all the players on their platform. The idea is to offer more rewards to make the entire gaming experience better. It is a different concept that ensures you are on the edge of your seat during the whole session. Many players appreciate the fact that they are in the game longer than expected. That makes the Roll On room great if you are primarily looking for fun!

Value Bingo – 90 Ball

Some players like to invest big money, but others prefer keeping their stakes low. If you find yourself in the latter group, Value Bingo at the Buzz platform is the right choice for you.

There is nothing out of the ordinary in this room, except for its focus. It targets players who want to play for fun, which is why tickets here can cost as little as 1p.

That doesn’t mean you can’t pursue tempting prizes and additional rewards. Value offers plenty of bang for the buck, and that is why it is among the most popular choices.

TV Specials

TV Specials is a unique room that doesn’t look like any other out there. Apart from beautiful and attractive graphics, you will enjoy a variety of games here. You can choose to go to the countryside or participate in a head to head sessions.

This exclusive room features various games, such as In for a Penny, the Chase, and Emmerdale. That selection should be enough that the players are never bored while playing these sessions. The unique mixture of features ensures a distinctive gaming experience, which is great for those looking for something different.

Rush Speed Bingo

Rush Speed Bingo offers a safe road where you can cruise at high speeds and have enormous fun. The Gala website designed this room for games to start every couple of minutes. That means you will never have to wait for long before a session starts.

If you are a fast thinker and want to experience high-paced action, Rush Speed is the perfect game for you. This variation is exciting and fast, which makes it great for experienced players looking for something different.

1980 Bingo

Are you feeling nostalgic and thinking about some better times? If that is the case, how about visiting the 1980 Bingo retro room at the Gala website?

From the moment you enter the room, you will notice the colourful and vivid graphics. You can even consider dressing up before participating in these retro sessions.

Since the room is themed by the 1980s, it is only normal that it uses the 80 ball bingo variation. The developers mention that more than 480 players are awarded every day. All that means that one fantastic party awaits in this room!

Best Odds Bingo

Best Odds Bingo from Mecca is a game that received an official EGR Award in 2019 for the Best Innovation in the industry. The unique concept rests on the idea of everyone having the same chance in the draw.

A single session will never have more than 25 players. That way, there will be no overcrowding, which will promote bonding and the social component between the players.

The entry costs 50p, and you will receive ten tickets for that price. Each player can only have ten tickets, which gives everyone a fair chance at the grand prize. The game utilizes a drum with 50 balls. Apart from winning the classic full house reward, you can earn various jackpots if you win them in 20 calls or less.

Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent Bingo is a special room available on the Mecca site. This room has tickets priced at 0.10p, and you can participate in sessions from 9 AM to 11 PM.


The 90 ball variation used offers the classic single and double-line and full house rewards. Apart from that, there are three bonus prizes.

Before a session starts, you pick your three lucky numbers. If you win anything during the draw and combine that with lucky numbers, your prize will increase. The boost can be from £0.50 to £250.

While you are in Britain’s Got Talent room, pay attention to Star Struck sessions that might grant you a free scratch card if you don’t win anything.

Crazy Bingo Games

Yes, exclusive games are available only at a single website, but it is the crazy bingo software that offers a unique playing experience. Here is our choice of crazy games in the UK!

Corrie Bingo

Corrie Bingo is short for Coronation Street, which puts you in the middle of the drama. We are talking about dramas we read in books and TV shows. That is the level of excitement you can expect in this room.

You will notice crisp animation and fantastic graphics, which will make you feel immediately comfortable in this room. The developers mention that the prizes go over £10,000 per day, which is another reason to start playing right away.

Emoji Bingo

Are you tired of matching the numbers, and you would like to mark something different? If that is the case, Emoji Bingo at the Mecca site is the right choice for you. The game uses emojis instead of numbers, and instead of marking, you should pop them!

This intriguing concept is basically a 50 ball bingo, except there are no “balls,” but emojis. You need to match ten emojis to win the reward.

You can only have a single ticket per session, but the good news is that you can choose the desired card price. The winning sum will depend on the investment.

Not Quite Interesting

We are not going to lie to you – some games are not that good. These are the ones that you should avoid when starting your online gaming adventure.


Speedball sounds like something attractive and fun. You might be tempted by the name of the room, but once you enter it, you will realize it is not that interesting.

Considering the name of this game at Coral Bingo, we expected more. It is not that you can’t win fine prizes and enjoy playing, but it seems like the room is missing something. However, that is always up to personal preference, which is why you might want to try it yourself.

Friends Bingo

Now, we all love the Friends TV show, and it is one of the best sitcoms ever. That is why we thought that the Friends Bingo would be great. However, once we tried the software, we realized that there is not anything special about this room. If you’re seeking an unusual bingo experience, check out our guide on how to play bingo online with friends.

You can find it on the Coral Bingo platform, but you shouldn’t rush with playing it. Unless you are a great fan of the TV show, everything you will find is the standard bingo formula. That is why you might want to try it, but you won’t miss a lot if you avoid it.

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