How to organise a virtual bingo night party with friends

March, 2024

6 min to read

2020 has brought many constraints to the lives of most people. Gathering with friends or relatives was tough to say impossible for a very long time. The communication has shifted online. Amusements were no exception in this sense. After all, whatever the circumstances are, anyone needs to have a quality break from the routine, right?

Bingo with friends

Bingo is one of the games perfectly suited for playing in a virtual space. All you need is to huddle a convivial team who is anxious about crossing out numbers on the card and organize the game process. To facilitate coordination burden, we at Bingo77 have prepared some useful tips on how to organize a virtual bingo party. In the article, you can also find links to useful external resources that will help you preparing for the game. Ready? Then let′s start!

Gathering with friends

Your team cannot do without communication tools. The funniest way to play is when the video is turned on. Thus you can watch the reactions and see if anyone is cheating. Here′s a list of what we think is the best video conferencing apps in 2020.

Zoom. Has 40 minutes of free calls, then a reconnection is required.

Skype is probably the best option because literally, everyone is familiar with Skype. If you use the free option, video quality may be poor.

Google Hangouts™ is a good option for business purposes as it′s Integrated with Gmail™ and Google Calendar™. However, the quality of calls can deteriorate.

Twitch is perfect for live streaming, but too many ads sometimes.

Lifesize major advantages are unlimited meeting duration and claimed HD quality video.

We would recommend starting with Zoom. It is easy to install and extend participants to the conference, just give them a link and a password. Feel free to use any technologies, cause the main thing is to enjoy the game, right?

Getting bingo cards

At a glance, getting hold of some bingo cards is the most difficult part. Not a big treat to draw these by yourself. Though, if you are a creative person, it′s not a bad option.

Getting free bingo cards is that easy, in fact. You can easily find free online tools with search queries like:

bingo cards generator

free printable bingo cards

downloadable free printable bingo cards

bingo cards generator

You will discover a number of good sites where cards′ templates can be customized and downloaded for free. Send materials to your mates via email or pigeon mail. You can play with either printed or virtual cards.

Generating random numbers

So now your friends have bingo tickets on hands or on screens, everyone′s connected to video conference and ready to start. But there′s still an important component missing - that is the bingo caller.

If you want to go advanced, you can try Bingo Caller App.

bingo caller

Basically, it does as much as generating random numbers. So if you don′t want to complicate, use an ordinary random number generator - from the or other.

Winner′s awarding

The last but not the least question is how to reward BINGO! winners. If you want to tickle one another nerves, arrange on playing for money.

Believe it or not, you will hardly find anything better than PayPal for money transfer purposes. Its ease of use and a wide distribution in Europe and the US provide Paypal with advantages that are really hard to match.

Still, it is preferable to have a choice, so consider these alternatives:


Google Pay



To sum up

An abundance of free services and tools allows playing any game, including bingo, without leaving the room. All you need to start your fun recreation is a good Internet connection, a good mood and health, and chirpy friends.

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