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31 October 2023

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Did you know that the 75 ball bingo is the younger sister of the 90 ball game version? This originates from the United States, where it was first played at fairs, and today, it is arguably the most popular among other online bingo games. If you want to join the fun, here is what you need to know about this game

What Is 75-Ball Bingo?

It shouldn’t be a problem to find 75 ball games on online bingo sites. If you encounter this variation, you should know that it involves a single drum with 75 balls. They are marked with numbers from 1 to 75 and drawn one at a time during a session.

Bingo card with numbers

Each session has a specified pattern required to win the major prize. Once this happens, the drawing stops. Depending on the rules of the draw, all prizes are then paid out to their winners.

75-Ball Bingo Card Layout

The 75 ball variation applies the same concept as other ball bingo games – it puts each card into a grid with several categories.

75 ball bingo

You will find that a single ticket has a 5x5 grid. It contains the following columns:

  • B – it is the first column on the left, which always contains five numbers from 1 to 15.
  • I – this is the second column on the left. It also contains five numbers, but they are from 16 to 30.
  • N – the middle column, which is specific because it contains only four numbers. They are always from 31 to 45. The field in the middle will always be left blank. Depending on the website, you will notice the letters “free,” or a star or similar mark. The central field participates in some winning combinations, depending on the game’s rules.
  • G – it contains five numbers from 46 to 60.
  • O – the last column on the right with numbers from 61 to 75.
  • The basic math will tell you that there is a total of 24 numbers. The exact winning pattern varies in the room selected.

How to Play 75-Ball Bingo

Joining a session in 75 ball bingo is a piece of cake. These are the steps to follow to start playing today.

Pick a website and register for an account. The majority of online bingo sites offer this variation, which is why you can focus on bonuses and other incentives new players might get.

Purchase tickets for the desired session.

You can probably choose from multiple rooms, so make sure to pick the session that suits you. You can choose based on the ticket price, the required winning pattern, etc.

Participate in the session. If you want a complete experience, wait for the session to begin and watch the numbers drawn live. You can mark the numbers yourself or choose the auto-daub feature.

Receive the winnings. The website should credit your winnings automatically soon after the draw. You can withdraw those funds or use them to purchase tickets for the upcoming sessions.

Winning Combinations in 75-Ball Bingo

Since the 75 ball bingo is very popular, you can choose between different variations. Depending on the room selected, the winning pattern might vary. Make sure to check the rules of the specific game you selected to get to know the winning combination. Here are some most common patterns used.

Full House or Coverall

This is the simplest but also the most demanding winning combination in this game. Coverall requires you to match all 24 numbers on your ticket. That is not easy, which is why the prize is usually tempting. If there are multiple winners, they will split the reward equally.

A 4X4 Block

As the name suggests, you win if you have a 4x4 block of numbers matched. It could be anywhere on the board, and the central field is included in the combination.

75 ball bingo 4x4 block of numbers matched 75 ball bingo 4x4 block of numbers matched 75 ball bingo 4x4 block of numbers matched

Triple Bingo

This winning pattern involves matching three lines in a vertical, diagonal, or horizontal direction. The combination of lines means you need to have 12 numbers matched, and they should all be in the mentioned pattern.

triple bingo diagonal line

You also have a Triple Hardway Bingo requirement, which only included lines in horizontal and vertical directions. That means you are required to match 13 numbers to qualify for the prize.

triple bingo horizontal line

The Double Hardway pattern means you need to have two patterns – one of them should be horizontal, and the other one vertical.

triple bingo vertical line

Other Winning Combinations

Here are some other popular winning patterns:

  • A block of nine – the required combination for a prize is a block of nine numbers.
  • Center row – you need to match the line situated in the center row.
  • Center row – you need to match the line situated in the center row.
  • Crazy L – form the letter L by matching the B line and the fifth row.

These are only some frequent winning combinations, so make sure to check the specific rules for your game.

Tips and Strategies for 75-Ball Bingo

If you are only a beginner, here is how to improve at 75-ball bingo:

Be comfortable with the rules – first, make sure to know what the winning pattern is. Get to know the other rules, too, and make sure you understand how the game works.

Adjust the interface to your needs – many websites allow you to activate the auto-daub function. It marks the numbers on your cards automatically, and it can be convenient if you have multiple tickets. Some other adjustments might include alerts when you are close to a win on a particular card, etc.

Go with guaranteed prize pools – if the room has a guaranteed reward fund, it could mean the prizes will be higher than expected for that number of sold tickets. That way, you might have better odds of winning a higher reward.

Pick between high prizes or better odds of winning – that is the usual rule in online bingo. If a session has fewer players and sold tickets, the awards will be smaller, but your winning odds will be higher. On the other hand, more sold tickets equal higher rewards, but the odds of winning are slimmer.

Use bonuses – many websites offer deposits and other rewards, such as free tickets, to new players.

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