About 30-Ball Bingo Game

30 October 2023

7 min to read

Ball bingo games have come a long way since their origins in bingo halls throughout the world. You can now choose from numerous variations, but if you are looking for a simple and exciting option, you can’t go wrong with 30-ball bingo game.

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What Is 30-Ball Bingo?

A 30 ball bingo is the fastest variation of this game. The rules are simple, and they come down to the following:

  • A single card has nine numbers
  • In each session, the drum contains 30 balls marked with numbers from 1 to 30
  • The numbers are drawn randomly during the session

30-Ball Bingo Card Layout

A ticket for this variation is not that different from those used in similar ball games. The unique thing is that the card has a 3x3 grid with no blank spaces. The square layout is small and easy to follow.

30 ball bingo

The numbers are grouped into three columns:

  • 1st column – from 1 to 10
  • 2nd column – from 11 to 20
  • 3rd column – from 21 to 30

How to Play 30-Ball Bingo

Here is what you need to do to test your luck in this bingo variation today:

  • Find a website offering this version. Register for an account on the site that provides this game.
  • Choose the room and session and purchase tickets. The next step is to identify a room where you want to play. Take a look at the upcoming sessions and buy single or multiple cards.
  • Enjoy an exciting session. The unique thing about this version is that the balls appear at a faster rate than in the classic variations. That will ensure constant involvement in this high-paced game.
  • Check if you won any prize. If you qualify for a reward, you should see the funds in your account soon.
  • If you haven’t tried this version before, that is probably because it appeared on websites only recently. Players can now play it on a limited number of sites. Those who have it available will usually offer multiple rooms, which gives you plenty of room to find the one that suits your needs.

Tips and Strategies for 30-Ball Bingo

Since it is a simple game, there is not much strategizing involved. However, here is how you can improve your winning odds:

  1. Use bonuses on websites – new players might be eligible for free tickets or no deposit bingo bonus funds. Make sure to take advantage of bonuses to get a head start when playing.
  2. Activate the auto-daub feature – this function will mark the numbers automatically. That way, you can rest assured you won’t miss anything when participating in
  3. Use the chat function – chatting with other players can be the social component of playing bingo. It is a great way to bond and have fun, but remember to focus on the game.
  4. Buy more ticketsBuy more tickets – if you want to take the gaming experience to the next level, purchase multiple cards for a single session.
  5. Experiment with ticket costsExperiment with ticket costs – a card for a session can cost anywhere from 1p to £1 or more. Make sure to choose accordingly and based on your available budget.
  6. Play responsibly – try to set a playing budget before you log onto the site. Applying responsible gaming rules will help you to ensure the entire experience remains fun and casual.
  7. Pick sessions carefully – those rooms that have more players will sell more tickets, which should increase the prize fund. However, going to a room where there are fewer participants might improve your odds per session. If fewer tickets are purchased, you have better chances of winning, although the rewards might be smaller.

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