The Complete and Unbiased Guide to 90-Ball Bingo April 2024

6 March 2024

10 min to read

There are all sorts of bingo games and, as a fan of bingo, you will surely have played most. Today, though, we take a specific look at one single version, the 90-ball bingo game, which has become a player-favorite for at least several reasons. For starters, 90-ball bingo games are easy to follow, they have a bit of strategic and luck elements to them, and they are very social.

We have put together a complete list of what you can expect from your 90-ball bingo, how to play the game, as well what the winning combinations are. To top it all off, we have added some tips and strategies on the end to make your gameplay even more rewarding! Let’s take a look at why the 90 version of the bingo ball games is arguably the best.

90 ball bingo

What is 90-Ball Bingo?

90-ball bingo is without a doubt the most famous version of the game and it’s often referred to as British Bingo. The tickets for this version of the game contain a specific 9x3 grid. As the name suggests, in this version of the game, you end up picking from a pool of 90 numbers, which is one of the game’s biggest draws.

The game is based on chance like all other versions and it involves a caller, who is often replaced by an automated software online. The 90-Ball version allows you to either daub your own numbers or lets the software do it for you.

Depending on your personal preference, you can choose to automate the process or do it yourself. Players need to cover at least one stripe of the ticket before they can call the cherished “bingo” and win their card and the round. Let’s take a look at the card layout next.  

The 90-ball Bingo Card Layout

To get a better feel of the game, you need to understand the card layout often referred to as the tickets. Players must buy tickets to participate. In this version of the game, these tickets consist of 9x3 grids.

In the grid, five of the slots will be numbered and four of the slots will be empty. You complete a strip by daubing all numbers on that stripe. As soon as you have a full strip all covered, you can call it.

How to Play in 90-ball Bingo

It’s very easy to play 90-ball bingo. The game is almost exclusively played with six tickets, and you will need to buy a ticket first to participate. The cost of participating is usually very low, so you will find the game to be very novice friendly as well as very easy on your purse.

There are even some free versions you can try and enjoy yourself. Yet, if you want to add a bit of realism, you will stick with the real money versions. Now, once you have the tickets, you will notice that there is a total of 30 numbers across all tickets, out of a pool with 90 numbers.

These numbers do not need to be unique. They can repeat themselves across the different tickets and stripes. Once you are all set up, the game starts. An announcer calls the number and you get to daub it off your ticket.

Players must daub the number across all tickets if it repeats itself. For this reason, many players prefer to allow the software to carry out this part for them. The game continues until someone calls bingo after completing a winning combination. The winners are announced and the round is wrapped up.

Once the round is wrapped up, a new round may start, with players returning to the starter’s position with new numbers on their tickets. But this begs the question, what winning combinations are there?

Winning Combinations in 90-ball Bingo

This chapter will be fairly brief as the winning combinations in bingo are very easy to commit to memory and you will have no trouble remembering them yourself. Now, you have any line, any two lines or a full house.

90 ball bingo full house

The full house is naturally the type of victory you would want to bring home, but there are some challenges to that. For starters, you can’t be certain at what point other people will call their winning combinations. When playing live, you can try and read the room, but players tend to be a little like poker pros. They don’t really give much away.

In the online version, you will find yourself always thinking about what the right time to announce a win is. This brings us to our next chapter, which will offer you some insight into how to calibrate your strategy to guarantee – or at least try to – some further success.

Other winning combinations include:
a horizontal winning line on the top 90 ball bingo winning line
a horizontal winning line in the middle 90 ball bingo winning line
a horizontal winning line on the bottom 90 ball bingo winning line
two horizontal winning lines on the top 90 ball bingo winning lines
two horizontal winning lines in the middle 90 ball bingo winning lines
two horizontal winning lines on the bottom 90 ball bingo winning lines

Tips and Strategies for 90-ball Bingo

Now, because of the game’s very simple nature, you are probably thinking – there is no way I can devise a successful strategy that would allow me to consistently improve my experience and achieve slightly better results.

We have put a keen eye to see what the best strategy for any-ball bingo games is. For starters, when you do play for real money, one thing you must consider is the entry cost. How much does it cost to purchase a ticket and play? You generally want to avoid places that seem to be asking for too much in exchange for tickets.

Another thing to consider is the available promotions. There will be many great incentives a bingo hall can extend to players to help them join and enjoy the games they have selected. It’s important to pay careful attention to the so-called bonus wagering requirements, though, as your bonus will always come with some strings attached.

Then comes the number of tickets you will purchase. Naturally, having a few more tickets to your name will improve your odds of winning. More numbers on these tickets means that you have a better chance of completing a successful combination and winning the game.

Of course, it all boils down to chance and probabilities, and sometimes, a bad beat is going to happen. Remember not to chase your losses and look for the next best thing instead.

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