About Bingo 77

The ambitious goal about Bingo 77 is making it the world’s #1 bingo directory of bingo sites a player could think of. Every day our team is looking for new data about bingo brands to update our database and make your gambling experience as pleasant, as it could be.


Our approach to examining bingo sites

The Bingo 77 team has a lot of things to do to create a reliable bingo directory. If you’ve ever tried looking for something on the Internet, you know there's usually a lot of options, but choosing the exact one may be pretty tricky. Whether you’re an experienced bingo player or a newbie to the game - you shall presumably surf for some extra information about a casino you’re going to deposit at. And that is right the very moment when Bingo 77 appears on the scene. Our specialists collect data about bingo sites, process it and assign a quality rank to each bingo brand.

Evaluating bingo sites’ quality is a complicated thing. We usually have to deal with a lot of proclaimed data on the one hand and the information about players’ gaming experience - on the other hand. To make a comprehensive ranking, we need to aggregate the data, make it comparable, and narrow it down, bringing only substantial facts to your attention. Going through the reviews our experts have prepared, you can compare bingo brands with one another and choose the one that suits you more.

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The data we use and the approach

As mentioned before, we at Bingo 77 assign a reputation rating to bingo sites. We believe in numbers and probability, and to create a solid rank the team has consolidated numeric and descriptive data with the formula.

Two distinctive characteristics of our ranking system that we’re shyly proud about:

COMPARISON PRINCIPLE. The final rank is a comparative characteristic that shows how well the site is relative to other sites in our database. After adding each new site, our formula recounts the rating of absolutely all other sites, updating it in this way. By adding all the bingo sites in the world to our database, we get the most accurate aggregated rating of their quality relative to each other, which will make the choice of players from different countries even easier. Of course, this ambitious goal is still at the implementation stage, but we plan to achieve it in 2021.

LOCAL RANK. The rank of the same brand differs, depending on the country of a user’s origin. Different sites target different countries and may have different benefits or restrictions for local players. According to the comparison principle, mentioned above, this affects a site's rank.

Сalculations are boring enough to describe them in detail, but we’d like to disclose relevant variables of our sites’ assessment equation.

How do we review online bingo sites?


    We believe that a fairly quality product won’t be underestimated by the market. A bingo site having thousands of visitors per month is more likely to be good than the one having several dozen visitors, isn’t it? We’re analyzing data based on Google search trends for a particular bingo brand - in the specified country. We then normalize the obtained values and add them to the formula.


    Does the brand have loyal customers that will look specifically for it, if they decide to play bingo online? If yes, then, with a high probability, the brand is worth attention. We collect data about click-through rates for bingo brands from Google search results in the specified country. The higher the rate, the more points are assigned to the brand in our equation.


    One of the top things to check for players before starting gambling for money is a casino’s license. We very much lower the rating of those casinos that operate without a license or do not mention it on the site. However, for those brands operating with a license, we apply a gradation too. A site operating under globally respective licensing authority, such as Great Britain's Gambling Commission or Gibraltar Government, gets more points, compared to the one operating under other jurisdictions.


    is an aggregated indicator that assumes site’s characteristics at once. These are SSL encryption, the allowance of creating accounts via VPN or public proxies, account verification and validation terms. The higher an overall site’s protection, the hire’s level of users’ data is protection either.


    Right, we at Bingo 77 adore bingo sites where the Terms and Conditions section spans dozens of pages, with a number of points and subclauses. And, of course, these are usually challenging to read through. But the fact is - the more regulated the smallest aspects of the interaction between the player and the casino, the higher the chance that in the event of a dispute it will be possible to resolve it honestly. This is especially true for such important points as Bonuses’ and Withdrawals Policies. We do not believe casino sites having either too general T&Cs or not publishing these at all.


    A few other variables influence our site’s quality rank, but we ask you to let us keep this little secret without revealing it.


How do we rank bingo sites?

After calculating the values of the site's quality rank, we make assumptions about it’s belonging to one or another group. We have created 6 reputation groups of bingo sites plus 2 extra groups to distinguish new and closed bingo sites.

Bingo sites ranks


    Site with an excellent rank is an outstanding bingo site. This means it is licensed by a reputable licensing authority, has several thousands of visitors - from target countries and is awarded with well-known bingo industry's awards. These sites offer exclusive bingo games that are not available elsewhere. excellent bingo sites have clear Bonuses' Policy and a high level of accounts' protection. To register, play and withdraw winnings on the excellent bingo site you definitely will have to verify your identity. Players who use VPN or public proxies are usually restricted from creating the account on these sites. If you're new to bingo, we strongly recommend starting playing on the bingo site with excellent rank only, to avoid any kind of scams.


    Bingo sites that have great rank are ones we recommend for most bingo players. These are sites licensed by a reputable licensing authority, visited by hundreds of players every day and offering a wide selection of bingo rooms and/or bingo games. Great bingo sites may or may not have exclusive bingo games, however. These sites have clear Bonuses' Policy and a high level of accounts' protection. You may be asked to verify your identity when creating the account on a great bingo site, and you'll definitely be asked to do this to withdraw winnings. Players who use VPN or public proxies are usually restricted from creating the account on these sites. great bingo sites are best-suited for experienced bingo players, as they may offer high bonuses, tournaments with special winning funds and other types of incentives for players. Along with traditional bingo games, a great bingo site may offer some special ones - to target a specific niche of bingo players.


    Bingo sites that are ranked as good are small online casinos that target players from one or a few countries only. A good site has one of the well-known licenses, however, these may be issued by off-shore governments, such as Curacao or Malta. Good bingo sites usually offer few bingo rooms and bingo games, popular among players from its target country. A good bingo site, however, may offer one or several generous bonuses for visitors. These sites tend to have a lower level of protection, meaning that a player's identity verification process is not that and strict and in some cases - may not be required. These sites do not reveal all the restrictive data - for extra information about bonuses and/or withdrawals players may need to contact the site's support team. These local sites are good primarily for local bingo players, who have already had some experience playing bingo online.


    Bingo sites with controversial rankings are ones having one or several quality issues. These are small or medium-sized casinos, that may have several hundreds of monthly visits only. Controversial bingo sites tend to offer high bonuses, however, it may be either challenging to understand their Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy, or these are not published at all. Playing on the bingo site with a controversial mark may be risky, so we recommend to better look for some other one.


    Bingo sites having serious quality issues are ranked as poor quality. These either operate without having a license or do not mention it. Poor quality bingo sites may contain information that is inaccurate or incomplete. We strongly recommend looking for better sites.


    You may have a negative experience or even become subject to fraudulent activities if you decide to deposit here. You definitely need to look for a better bingo site.


    May be attractive because you will be one of the first to play it. Brand-new bingo sites usually have a modern design, are powered with good-quality gaming software and offer bigger bonuses amounts, to attract customers. However, there may be no sufficient data about the site's trustworthiness. We recommend brand-new bingo sites for experienced bingo players only.


    We store the information about bingo sites that have been closed for historical purposes. However, we do not update data for these any more.

Bingo 77 team members

Our team is formed by analysts, web engineers, content managers, and gambling experts. Together we bring our visitors data about the best bingo sites available on the Web.

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