About 50-Ball Bingo

7 January 2024

6 min to read

Are you looking for a fast-paced bingo game filled with excitement and thrill? If that is the case, you might find what you need in 50 ball bingo. Many consider this game to be a smaller variation of the 90 ball bingo, and they are not that wrong.

50 ball bingo

What Is 50-Ball Bingo?

50-ball bingo is a variation of this game where every session contains a single drum with 50 balls. They are marked with numbers from 1 to 50 and drawn randomly during the session.

It is worth noting that this version is not that popular in the US bingo halls. However, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a UK bingo website offering this online.

50-Ball Bingo Card Layout

Getting familiar with the card layout is imperative to understand the potential winning combinations and rules of ball bingo games. As for the 50-ball version, players will have ten numbers on each ticket.

There are five columns, and each one contains numbers from specific categories. The first is from 1 to 10, and the last is from 41 to 50.

You will find a total of 10 numbers per card. Depending on the variation, you can purchase ticket strips. These are technically multiple cards that give you more chances of winning. Each of them is counted separately toward winning combinations.

How to Play 50-Ball Bingo

Choose the website that offers this game. The best sites out there should have it in their gaming selection.

Pick how many tickets you want to buy. You can also choose between different ticket prices, and that could affect the total prize fund.

Wait for the session to start. Once it begins, you can be online or see if you won anything after the draw.

Claim your prizes. In most cases, they should be automatically transferred to your account on the site.

Winning Combinations in 50-Ball Bingo

Although it varies from the game, there are usually two combinations to qualify as a winner:

  • Match an entire line of 5 numbers
  • 50 ball bingo winning combination
  • Match all numbers
  • 50 ball bingo full house

A Single-Line Prize Explained

You will find this reward in other ball games, too. If you manage to complete an entire line of numbers, you qualify for a prize. In this case, that will be five numbers across a horizontal line.

Depending on the game, you might need to be the first one to match an entire line to win. As for other winners, they might expect smaller prizes in some variations.

Full House Winners

Players who manage to match the numbers drawn with all the numbers on a single ticket qualify for the main full house prize. These are the grand rewards in the session, but if there are multiple winners, they might be split equally.

It is possible to win twice with 50-ball bingo. If you are the first one to score the single-line prize and the first one to get the full house reward, you will be awarded both.

Tips and Strategies for 50-Ball Bingo

If you are ready to start your gaming adventure, here is how to increase your winning odds at this game.

Play for free if possible – if there is an option, play the game for free so that you can become comfortable with the rules and the interface.

Ticket prices and the number of players affect the prize pool – the prize fund of a single session might be affected by the card value and the number of tickets sold. Some rooms and sessions could have a guaranteed reward pool.

Fewer participants equal better odds – although the prizes might be smaller, rooms that don’t have a lot of players might equal better odds to win rewards.

Always keep things fun and casual – bingo is about enjoying yourself. That is why you should only invest funds that you can afford to lose and money that doesn’t affect your overall quality of life.

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