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6 January 2024

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While 75-ball and 90-ball are the classic bingo games, other versions are becoming more popular every day. If you are looking for a unique playing experience, how about giving 80 ball bingo a chance? This game offers four winning ways to boost the fun and adrenaline while playing it.

Bingo ticket with marked numbers

What Is 80-Ball Bingo?

80-ball bingo games are widely played in bingo halls and start attracting more attention at online gambling websites too. The game is simple – a player purchases a card (ticket) with numbers assigned randomly. Once the session starts, the balls are drawn from the drum one at a time. The drum contains 80 balls with numbers from 1 to 80.

The players check if there is a number on their tickets matching the one drawn. Having right combination? You're the winner!

80-Ball Bingo Card Layout

If you played similar ball games, you shouldn't be surprised by the ticket layout for the 80 Ball Bingo. It features a classic 4x4 square grid. You should have four columns of numbers sorted like this:

  • Red column – it includes numbers from 1 to 20.
  • Yellow column – you will find numbers from 21 to 40 here.
  • Blue column – the numbers from 41 to 60 are located in this column.
  • White column – it includes the numbers from 61 to 80.
80 ball bingo

The exact graphics and colours might depend on the software and room you choose. However, the 4x4 grid and the number categories will always be the same.

How to Play 80-Ball Bingo

Are you ready to play the 80-ball bingo?

Here is a step by step explanation of the process:

  1. Find a suitable website. Everything starts by finding a reputable bingo site offering the 80-ball variation.
  2. Purchase tickets for the desired game. You can buy a single card or boost the thrill and acquire multiple tickets.
  3. During the session, numbers will be drawn randomly and one at a time. Some players like to mark the tickets themselves, while others prefer to activate auto-play and enjoy the draw.
  4. See if you won any prizes. At the end of the session, the marked numbers might qualify you for one of the prizes.

Winning Combinations in 80-Ball Bingo

You have four different types of prizes available in the 80 Ball Bingo.

These include:

  • The first line, square, and four corner rewards
  • 80 ball bingo winning combination
  • Two-line pattern prizes
  • 80 ball bingo winning combination
  • Three-line pattern rewards
  • Full house prize

The First Line Reward – How to Win It

It is the basic and usually lowest reward in the 80-ball bingo. The idea is to have a line of four numbers marked on your card. That line can be vertical, diagonal, or horizontal, but it needs to have all four numbers in the line.

Square and Four Corner Patterns Explained

Since these patterns also involve four numbers, the rewards might be the same as for a single line. You qualify for this prize if you:

  • Match four numbers in the inner square of the ticket
  • Match four numbers at the corners of your card

Two-Line Prizes Explained

This is the next prize tier, which means that rewards will be higher than for the previous two pattern types mentioned. Qualifying for this prize involves matching two horizontal, diagonal, or vertical lines, which means eight numbers in total.

It is not possible to combine line directions. For example, you can only win by matching two horizontal lines. You don't qualify for a two-line prize by matching a single vertical and a single diagonal line.

Three-Line Rewards – How to Win Them

The three-line prize tier involves matching three complete lines, which means 12 numbers in total. You can combine diagonal, vertical, and horizontal lines. That means the three lines can all be in horizontal lines or a mixture of all directions.

Full House Reward

The grand prize at 80 Ball Bingo is the full house reward. It involves matching all four lines, which means all 16 numbers on your ticket. Since it requires matching the most numbers, this reward is usually the highest in the session. In some games, the drawing stops the moment when the first full house prize occurs.

Tips and Strategies for 80-Ball Bingo

Here are some tips to improve your playing experience:

  • Pick the desired ticket value – if you are a beginner, start slowly and focus on 10p or cheaper cards. Once you are ready, increase the investment to boost the excitement and potential prizes.
  • Take advantage of bonuses – many bingo sites are ready to offer welcome bonus deals to new players.
  • Look for games with fewer players – the math is simple – if fewer gamers participate in the session, your odds to win increase.

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