Best bingo sites for newbies

Best-ever Newbies Bingo Sites For A Spectacular Gameplay

Newbies Bingo is a great way to kickstart your Bingo gaming experience online. Of course, the game is quite amusing to play. But that is not all. Playing Bingo regularly can help improve your hand-eye coordination, level up mental flexibility and help you socialize better. What is more important is that the best Bingo sites free bonus can make your gameplay even finer.

Newbies Bingo

A bingo newbie room is a perfect place to figure out all the basics and learn how the game works. If you have never played this game before, you might be worried whether you understood the rules right.

Newbie bingo is played in specialized areas where access is only allowed to those who recently registered on the platform. These sessions will only be available for a specific timeframe. It depends on the operator, but you usually get 3-14 days to play these games.

If your preferred site offers this option, here is why you should take advantage of it:

  • Understand the rules of specific bingo variations better
  • Get comfortable with the interface of a particular site
  • Use a unique opportunity to win prizes and get a head start at the platform

Difference Between a Newbie Bingo Room and Free Bingo Rooms

The main specific area for newcomers is that it is time-sensitive. Once your “newcomer” status expires, you cannot access these games anymore. Tickets can be free or require a real cash investment.

Unlike that, a free bingo room remains accessible at all times. The number of sessions might vary depending on the platform, but everyone is allowed to participate. The important note is that all sessions are free.

Best bingo sites with Newbie rooms

If you are looking for a provider offering a specialized area for newcomers, you can find it at the following sites. 


From the moment you sign up for an account, the access to the newcomer areas will be allowed for seven days. Mecca doesn’t require any deposit, which means you can use these sessions to test the platform. Please note that there are two drawings daily, and each one comes with cash prizes.


Wink might force your hand by giving only three days of access to the newbie areas, but it will be worth it. During that time, a prize pool of £900 will be up for grabs. The rewards also include loyalty points you can convert to bonus cash later.

The Sun

If you visit The Sun, don’t get confused because the room’s name is “Learner.” It makes sense since it gives a chance to learn how their platform works. Players don’t have to invest anything, and they can participate in two daily sessions for seven days from registering.