Payment Methods At Bingo Sites

Most Popular Online Payment Methods At Bingo Sites

Over the past few years, the number of players looking for online Bingo action has significantly grown, and so has the selection of payment options available. Many of the sites where players can enjoy some of the best online bingo for real money have at least 5 or 6 different payment methods available for deposits and withdrawals. Whether you want to fund your Bingo account through your debit card or you want to utilize the convenience of your preferred E-Wallet option, you don't have to worry because now there are many different payment methods suitable even for the pickiest players.

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Although having a plethora of options is certainly a great thing, it does create another issue: which of the numerous bingo payment methods should you select?

How to choose the best methods of online payment?

All payment options we analyzed during our research are entirely secure, and all your financial information is completely safe with them. Thanks to the evolution of technology, all of them are easy to use and have user-friendly online platforms fully compatible with all of the most popular bingo sites in the UK. Since each payment method has its own characteristics, selecting the best one would be entirely subjective.

What are the most significant aspects when choosing between different payment methods?


The most significant aspect to consider when choosing between different payment methods should always be security. Since your finances are at stake and only you are responsible for them, you should always consider safety as your number one aspect. Make sure you always avoid any payment options that cannot fully guarantee the security of your funds during transactions. However, you shouldn't worry too much, as most popular payment providers use modern encryption technology that guarantees the complete safety of your confidential data.

Ease of Use

Before you choose one of the available bingo payment methods, you should always research and check which one offers the most straightforward process. Choosing a reliable payment method that is easy to use will make your whole bingo experience more enjoyable. Make sure you always explore all the possibilities of each offered payment method and opt-in for the most convenient one.

Deposit limits

Some methods of online payment have deposit limits enforced by law, and frequent bingo players may find them quite restricting and low. This can be a significant disadvantage for many players, so make sure to check the deposit limits of each payment method before choosing. If you are a bingo high roller who spends a lot, don't worry because there is still a wide selection of payment options with high limits to choose from.


When choosing a payment option, you should be aware that although most payment options don’t involve additional fees when depositing funds, some of the withdrawals can involve extra charges. Some of the charges associated with certain payment methods can be hefty, so make sure to always check if your preferred payment method has any additional charges when it comes to transactions related to bingo online payment.

What Are The Most Popular Methods of Online Payment for Bingo?

Debit cards

Since the UK Gambling Commission prohibited the usage of credit cards for any gambling activities, debit cards became the only choice of such kind for Bingo players. Today, debit cards are sitting at the throne in the Kingdom of online payment methods.

All you need to do is set up an account at your Bingo site of choice and enter your Debit card details to proceed with the payment. Visa and Mastercard are the two most widely accepted debit cards. Note that the debit card must be in the name of the registered player. Most sites will provide you with an option to save your card details, so you won't have to enter them each time you want to make a payment. Once you are ready to withdraw your winnings, select your debit card as a preferred method, and the funds will get allocated to your card once your request is processed.

Debit cards are an available option for Bingo online payment on almost every bingo site, however, there are still players who would not prefer it due to security concerns. Although using a Debit card at a licensed bingo platform is 100% safe, some players are still not keen on sharing their bank details with bingo sites.


Making transactions through an E-wallet is one of the most popular ways of paying online, and Bingo players find it very convenient. This is an excellent way to add funds to your bingo account if you don't want to share your bank info directly with the Bingo platform. Deposits and withdrawals are rapid, and each transaction is entirely secure. E-Wallets are one of the available methods of online payment at most licensed Bingo sites.


PayPal is the most popular and trustworthy e-wallet option in the world. Millions and millions of people all over the globe do transactions over PayPal every day, which makes it the indisputable industry leader. Using your PayPal account to deposit at some of the best UK bingo sites, such as Ladbrokes Bingo, Mecca Bingo, PlayOJO Bingo, and BetFred Bingo, can be a convenient way to deposit or withdraw funds online. By adding your PayPal information to your preferred online bingo site, you will never have to enter any bank or personal details on that particular site again. It's worth noting that withdrawing money via PayPal takes less than 24 hours.

Like all other different methods of payment, PayPal has some downsides too. Although there is no charge for deposits, you should be aware that withdrawing money through this e-wallet option comes with a fee that some players might find expensive. Moreover, some bingo sites are not granting bonuses on deposits made with PayPal, so always read the terms and conditions before creating an account.

Using cutting-edge encryption technology and offering quick transactions through straightforward procedures are just a few reasons why PayPal is clearly one of the best payment methods online.


Skrill is a UK-based company registered as a Money Service Business. It was launched in 2001, and since then it has evolved into an influential player in the online gaming sector. Skrill allows its users to pay online for items and services without sharing their financial details and it’s available in over 200 countries.

Skrill is another popular e-wallet option that is listed as one of the different payment methods on many Bingo sites such as Ladbrokes Bingo, Gala Bingo, Sun Bingo, and many more. It is a secure online payment system that is really convenient to use. Players can use Skrill for both deposits and withdrawals, and the transactions are always rapid and protected by advanced security features.

Although Skrill is one of the most favored online paying methods in the UK's Bingo scene, there are still some downsides to it. The platform has fees for withdrawals and there is still a numerous selection of Bingo sites that don't offer welcome bonuses to users depositing money with it.


For the past 10 years, Neteller has been one of the most established e-wallets offering payment services for a wide selection of online transactions, including gambling. As a matter of fact, Neteller actually specializes in processing online gaming transactions. It is one of the most popular payment methods online that is entirely licensed and has all its activities monitored by the UK Conduct Authority.

Neteller is available for both deposits and withdrawals at some of the most reputable Bingo sites such as Spinland, Betfair Bingo, 888 Ladies, Buzz Bingo, and others. This payment method offers instant deposits and withdrawals fully processed in no more than 24 hours.

What you should consider checking out before choosing Neteller as your option for Bingo online payment are the fees regarding the withdrawals. Neteller fees can be a bit more costly compared to other e-wallet platforms.

Apple Pay

Lately, Apple Pay has become one of the most thriving methods of transferring funds. What players need to do is link up their debit card to their Apple account and set up Apple Pay so they can make both online and contactless payments via their Apple devices. The processes are very smooth and rapid, which makes the comfort of completing transactions directly from your iPhone or iPad one of the best traits of this payment method.

The Biometric authentication system is another great feature that might be a game-changer for many players. Those who own an Apple device that includes the Touch ID feature can use that to make fully secure transactions on Bingo sites that have listed Apple Pay as one of the available methods of online payment.

On the other hand, you should take into account the fact that besides all its great features, Apple Pay still cannot be regarded as the perfect e-wallet option as it doesn't support withdrawals in the UK as of yet.

Prepaid Voucher Payment Systems

This is one of the most convenient methods of online payment for players who don't want to share their personal or bank info with the Bingo sites. This method is based on prepaid vouchers that players can purchase ahead of time, and redeem them whenever they are ready to participate in some bingo action online. Players can buy vouchers in convenience stores, gas stations, or online. There are no fees involved, and the deposits are always instant.


When it comes to prepaid voucher payment systems, Paysafecard is the absolute industry leader. It is the only voucher payment system accepted as one of the online paying methods at the majority of the most popular online bingo sites like Sun Bingo, Mecca Bingo, Bet365 Bingo, Paddy Power Bingo, and many more.

Using Paysafecard means you won't have to share your personal or banking details to play at your favorite Bingo site. All you need to do is enter the 16-digit PIN from the Paysafecard on the Bingo site, and you will be good to go. In the UK, Paysafecard vouchers can be purchased in amounts of £10, £25, £40, £50, £75, or £100 and can be found at most convenience stores and gas stations around the country.

Although Paysafecard is one of the best options out of all the Bingo payment methods, there are some downsides you should consider before choosing it as your payment method. When buying a physical card, you should always have in mind that the card is irreplaceable. Also, there are still some bingo sites that exclude Paysafecard deposits from promotion bonuses.

Pay by Phone

Bingo players who are not really enthusiastic about sharing their bank details with the platforms should consider Pay by Phone as one of their preferred bingo payment methods. Due to the rapid growth of mobile phone technology, a large portion of players today prefers to access their favorite bingo sites through their mobile devices, which makes the ability to also add funds through them a really convenient feature.

This payment option enables deposits to be completed from PAYG credit or by adding the charges to your monthly phone bill. Boku and PayForIt are the two best providers available for Bingo online payment at most of the bingo sites. By using them, players can now effortlessly add money to their bingo accounts without providing any of their bank details. Both of these carrier billing platforms let you pay through your monthly phone bill or your pre-paid mobile phone.

The growing popularity of this payment method among the bingo players in the UK doesn't mean there aren't any issues with it. The restricting deposit limits and the fact that withdrawals are not available are some of the things that are still turning a large number of players away.


Although all the different payment methods that were subjects of our research are safe and secure, each one still has its own characteristics that you should consider before choosing. Hopefully, our research helped you decide which one of the methods of online payment is most suitable for you.