Jun 19, 2020

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Where to play bingo online with friends? Read about some of the best sites and their unique offerings


Lately playing online bingo with friends is becoming more and more popular. Many sites have chat rooms, refer-a-friend bonuses, and other incentives for you to gamble with your mates. However, the bingo session can be organized with the help of online bingo callers and free card generators. This can be a good option if there’s no opportunity to meet offline. We at Bingo77UK did a little study about search queries in Google and are ready to answer some popular questions on how to gamble with friends.

Can I play bingo online with friends?

Playing online bingo games with friends is that easy - all your gaming team needs is high-speed internet and a great mood. We recommend organizing a video conference with your friends in some of the online chat services before starting the game. This will ease your communication and make bingo even more fun.

How is the process of playing online bingo with friends organized?

You can play bingo for free or for money. If you’d like the free game to have - use free bingo cards generators and bingo callers to raise the game. If you’d like to play for money, then you should probably go to the good bingo site. Playing at websites, like Sun Bingo or Tombola, is a good opportunity to meet new friends - through players’ chat or community.


Usually, after you’ve registered at the site, you can attend online bingo rooms. In order to invite friends to play the game, you should enter the room where it is allowed to distribute bingo cards among players. After you’ve shared cards, you’re ready to start the game. Just listen to the caller - the one who gets the winning combination wins the round.

How to play bingo on Zoom?

  • Step 1. You and your friends have to do some preparations first. Download and print bingo cards - use one of the bingo card generators, available online. If there’s no opportunity to print the card, don’t worry, you still can play with it on your computers’ screen or iPad. You can organize a team-to-team competition - in this case, share the card you’ve got with your teammates, so all of you have it on the screen.

  • Step 2. If you don’t have Zoom on your computer, you may download it here. If you are the host, login and schedule the new conference, or login via the invitation link - if somebody else is hosting the conference.
  • Step 3. After all the members have joined the conference, share your screen by pressing the “share screen” button.
  • Step 4. Search for “free online bingo caller” in Google. You will see the list of websites with bingo callers, like Let’s Play Bingo, - choose the one that suits you the best and press to start a new game and call the next number.



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Tombola Bingo

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