Mar 2, 2020

5 min to read

iGaming - outlook of the nearest future in the UK


Gambling industry, unlike any other, experiences steady growth from year to year. According to Statista, gross gaming will increase to approximately 24.7 billion euros in 2020 - in Europe solely. Regarding the UK, the industry data slice as of 2018-2019 was as follows (see the chart below).

Brief background

In 2005 The Gambling Act came into force and influenced the industry significantly. Gambling companies were allowed to advertise on television and radio. As a result, between 2017-2018 the industry’s yield has reached £14.5bn, with a 39% iGaming share.

UK gambling industry - key facts

What about the rest of the world?

According to the BtoBet report, Latin American iGaming industry is developing fast with Argentina showing extraordinary growth: “Argentina’s mobile penetration is even way above the regional median. Whilst Southern America’s regional penetration in terms of mobile subscription compared to the total population indicated a penetration of 109%, Argentina registered a 135% penetration, with over 60 million subscriptions for a population of almost 45 million. It is important to note that this level of penetration compares also favourably to the statistics in Europe.”


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