How do people search for online bingo in the UK

March, 2023

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How do people search for online bingo in the UK

At Bingo 77 we monitor users’ search queries in Google - to be conscious of what people are looking for on the web when it comes to bingo. Here we’d like to share 3 findings that tend to develop into a general trend for the gaming industry. The data will be useful for bingo affiliated sites’ owners or bingo players, who are interested in how the business goes from the inside. The analysis is based on Google Trends data - an extremely interesting free source of search data.

#1. Switching from general search queries to more specific


We’ve chosen 5 search queries with high volume related to online bingo to demonstrate the trend. Users’ interest in these has dropped down after 2010. An interesting thing is that “online bingo” and “bingo games” queries’ frequency tend to grow, unlike the other three search terms. This may be due to the fact that the latest bingo sites have similar offers: all these allow to play without deposit and/or registration and offer no deposit bonuses. Hence, there’s no longer a need to specify these characteristics.

#2. “Brands, brands, brands”

Users definitely become more aware of bingo brands and hunt on specific ones in Google.


The search term “online bingo” (which is a blue line at the graph) has by far the lowest search frequency - if we compare with branded queries in the UK. Google Trends data shows that 4 chosen bingo brands’ search frequency - Heart Bingo, Sky Bingo, Gala Bingo and Tombola - has an onwards trend after 2015. What does it mean for website owners? The brand’s reputation becomes valuable as it has never been before. The site’s name develops into non-material equity and impacts users’ behavior.

#3. “Be trusted site or leave the market”

The highest search volume in the UK is accumulated by bingo brands with history. See the figure below - 4 of 8 operators have been operating in the market for quite a long time


Newbies literally have chances to get great organic traffic - these 8 bingo brands from the image above occupy high positions for hundreds of search queries.

Is this a vicious circle situation? Do new companies have no positive prospects to expand the online bingo market? Take a look at the above figure once again: some operators from the list have less industry experience, however, their monthly search volume remains high. This suggests that aside from reputation there’s another popularity-bosting factor - media & advertising investments.

Take a look at the Sun Bingo: the brand is owned by large media holding “The Sun” and is exposed in multimedia advertising. This brings traffic to the website and high positions in Google. Readers may be surprised to notice that TV ads remain relevant for promoting online bingo sites - even in 2020.

Learning movements and trends in users’ search habits is a groundwork for building a strong bingo brand. The ongoing analytical process helps sites’ owners reach their growth goals while lack of research activity may cause failure for a newly launched project.

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