5 Free Slingo Games No Deposit To Enjoy Right Now

Slingo is a multi-player game and is unique in the kind, as it combines elements of traditional bingo games and slots. Slingo was invented in 1994, and the company Slingo.com was established the same year to trade the game. Today, Slingo bingo game and its variations are offered by a number of gaming software developers, predominantly - for UK bingo sites, as the game is popular among British players. In the classic Slingo version, the player has 20 turns to "spin" the numbers below his or her bingo card. After 5 numbers appeared, the player checks if they can be found on the card. If yes, he or she makes these off. The winner is the player who has the most points.

What is Slingo bingo?

Slingo game created by the company of the same name, but it offers a different game compared to the ones you usually play in bingo rooms.

The easiest way to explain is that Slingo is a mixture of the traditional slot machine with 75 Ball bingo. You can enjoy both spinning the reels and crossing the winning numbers on the same screen.

How does Slingo differ from bingo and slots?

If you have ever played slots on casino sites, you know that you can see multiple reels after the spinning is done. In the Slingo game variant, you can only see a single reel per space.

That is because the slot doesn’t take a lot of room on the screen. It is located at the bottom, and the majority of the screen is consumed by the card. Another difference is that you won’t see any familiar symbols like fruits or gold bars. Instead, the reels will only show numbers you need to mark on the card to win the jackpot and some special symbols for bonus points.

How to Play

You can play a free variant, but the biggest excitement lies in playing for real money. That is why you should choose between e-wallets like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or another payment method. These will add funds to your account after you sign up to the website. Make money deposit and start playing amazing Slingo games!

  1. Spin the slot at the bottom. You will notice numbers appearing.
  2. Compare those numbers with the ticket on the top. You want to mark all the numbers you have as that is the way to win bingo games.
  3. Each cleared line or special symbol on a spin will grant a certain level of player points. You need to maximise the points you have to become a winner.
  4. The system will automatically recognize when you qualify for a win. During the game, you can also use powerups and multipliers.

Where to play Slingo games

Numerous bingo network providers are adding this variation to their offerings. They even have promotions specifically for this category, and that is something UK players will enjoy. The only thing to consider is to read the wagering conditions before you start.

The most popular variations include Riches and Extreme. The former has the highest RTP if you apply the right strategy, and the latter offers the highest rewards.

Many operators also support Slingo Bingo app as a way to play with your iOS and Android devices while you are on the move.